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Being the capital city of Cantabria, part of Spain, Santander has a mosaic structure, tourism, commercial center, just by the Atlantic Ocean at the north of Spain. 

 Although it is easy to travel around the city by city buses, an economic way could be taking a public bike which doesn't cost anything for an hour. The train and bus stations could be other alternatives, as well, since they are very well located in the city.

The Cathedral is pretty close to the train and bus stations. Following the sea side (the Paseo de Pereda) leads you to see the coastal parts and you will end up at the Magdalena Park. This route gives you the opportunity to see some typical houses with "miradors" and gardens. This boulevard separates the coastal strip from the historic quarter of Santander.

On the other side  of the road, there are so many cute streets go to the Town Hall (Plaza del General√≠simo) which stands next to the popular market of la Esperanza.

Historic buildings; the Santander Bank and El Embarcadero are next to the Pereda gardens (Jardines de Pereda). The fishing port and the Puerto Chico are also next to the garden.

Santander has the beautiful beaches of Playa de la Concha, Playa del Sardinero (the most popular one), Playa El Camellolos Peligros, la Magdalena and Biquinis, El Sardinero. Gran Casino is near to El Sardinero beaches. Then the "Magdalena Park" and the royal palace are sited on top of a hill.

 Santander cuisine has the advantage of  the city being situated halfway between the sea and the mountains. The gastronomy of Cantabria is famous, particularly with sausage (spanish ham), pudding, "torreznos", stews and roasted, the stuffed red peppers, sardinero.

Altamira Caves, World Heritage, are a few kilometers from this city. Beside there are several museums in Santander such as Bellas Artes, Maritimo.

It is also possible to see artistic studies around the city, as in all around Spain.

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