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The third and the smallest Balearic island is Minorca (in Spanish/Catalan: Menorca). If what you need is nature and silence, away from the crowd then Menorca is the right place to be in.  Although Mallorca and Ibiza are extremely touristic, Menorca stayed as a local island. There are some tourist groups though, it cannot be compared with the other two islands in that sense. Just the charming coastline (216km) is enough to amaze you. The color of the sea could relax all of your muscles :) You will not forget the bluish/greenish transparent sea, amazing coves, sandy beaches and the strong wind ofcourse. The island is famous with its strong winds, it is sometimes called the wind island. The speed of the wind may reach up to 100km/h.

The airport is in Mahon at the capital city. There are bus network connections and shuttles to the rest of the island. The distance between Mahon and Ciutadella is around 50km.

What to visit:
There are several cities that could be visited in Menorca such as, Mahon, Ferreries, Mercadals, Fornells, but do not miss Ciutadella.

Ciutadella: Ciutadella was the capital city at the Muslim era till the 18th century. It is also known as vella i bella “old and beautiful”. The city still presents that aristocratic characteristics with the plazas, palaces and other historic structures. The city has it is unique identity and it is totally different than Mahon, the current capital city. Just walking in the streets of Ciutadella could be a trip in the old historic days... Don’t miss to visit La Plaza de Born, the cathedral, the museum, beautiful historic palaces, and houses.

Having 216 km costlines (more than Ibiza and mallorca) Menorca has wonderful amazing natural beauties and coves. Here are some of unmissable sandy beaches that I can suggest: Cala Galdana, Cala Turqueta ,Cala Mitjana, Cala en Porter. The Bay of Fornells is famous with its shallow water and it is ideal for sail and windsurf learners.

My favorite suggestion is Cala Galdana known as "Queen of the coves”. The charming effects of Cala Galdana could stop you to discover the rest of the island. The sandy beach, the sea, the cliffs, the colors... Enjoy the nature!

You will not forget Menorca!

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