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Valencia, is Spain's one of the biggest cities, although it is a cute relatively small city :)
The population ranges from 1.7 to 2.5 million. It is the capital of Valencian autonomous community, 350 km away from Barcelona and Madrid.

The word Valencia reminds oranges, beaches, festivals, and of course Paella ! 
Even though there are many festivals in Valencia, among them the Falles (Las Fallas) is the most famous one. It is an authentic fest. It is held from March 15 to March 19, there are many other events around these days, as well. If you are into noisy, crowded fests, this is just for you. 


Must be Seen 

-The Old Quarter of Valencia
- El Miguelet and the Cathedral - see the Holy Grail and enjoy the cafes and bars of this bohemian area.
- Barrio del Carmen in the north of the Old Quarter as it's one of the most trendy and popular areas to go at night.
- Valencia City of Arts and Sciences : The City of Arts and Sciences is a definetely must be seen place. It is  is located in the lovely Turia Gardens which are an essential and very beautiful part of Valencia. The center includes the largest aquarium in Europe, and an IMAX laser cinema, Palau de la Musica and Palau de les Arts.
- Valencia Beaches are also famous with miles and miles of white sand.

There are so many trendy shops and popular stores in the downtown area, like Mango, Zara and El Corte Ingles as in all parts of Spain, and all of them offer great fashion at affordable prices. Beside this, there is a Valencian effect in terms of fashion, that can be realized in the streets.

 Specialties of the city

The Special Drink : Horchata
Special Desserts: Arnadi & Tarta Cristina
The Special Meal: Paella (The birth place of Paella is Valencia)
Hot Chocolate with orange; special @ Valor at Placa Reina
and famous wines.

More Tips

- Nightlife in Valencia, as in so many Spanish cities, begins late and is one of the best in Europe.
- There are a fantastic selection of clubs, bars, discos, and restaurants that you can enjoy.
- The Most Famous Festivals are Las Fallas, La Tomatina, Easter and the Christmas.
- It is possible to reach to three lovely Balearic Islands (Ibiza,Mallorca, Menorca) or take the ferry to Barcelona, Tenerife or Morroco.
- When yo eat Paella, try to go local, stay away from touristic zones.

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