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Oporto/ Porto is a historic city of Lisbon in Europe. Once you are in the city it is easy to understand why there are so many places that are protected by UNESCO. The city offers beautiful views and great places to visit.The city consists of six main parts:

1) The center of the city (Avenida dos Aliados):


 This avenue starts with a status of Pedro D. IV and Place Libarddade and ends with the Pacho del Conhelho (the city hall). The avenue has a huge pedestrian pathway. This avenue has impressive buildings in both sides. Tourism information office is pretty close to the city hall. The Catedral of Trandade is right behind the city hall.

2) The shopping street of the city:

The two streets which are parallel to the avenue dos Aliados are the shopping streets. R. de Sa Bandeira, R. de Santa Catarina. The famous mercado do Bolhao  and Café Majestic are on these two stress too.

3) The west part of the historic city:
While on the east of the avenue has shopping areas, the left side of this avenue has important buildings, such as Clerigos tower and the church, Llivraria lello which is the most beautiful bookstore of Europe, placa gomez teixeria, the Carmo and Carmelitas churches, the university building, parks, casa musica, the stadium, contemporary art museum.

4) The old town is at the south part of the city by the river. The medieval Ribeira next to the three-tiered Dom Luís I bridge is impressive as well as the bridge. It is easy to spend hours at the riverside on the medieval streets of Barredo, gazing across the Douro River to the ancient port lodges of Vila Nova de Gaia. 

5) The other side of the river: There are so many wine cellars and restaurants with the lovely view of Porto.

6) The Atlantic coast: At the western part of the city, where you can find beautiful beaches and the city park, you find yourself by the ocean.

About the cuisine: You can find hundred different recipes of Bacalhau, salted cod, which is the traditional fish/ food of Portugal. The national beer is Super Bock. Porto has a reputation for the sweet Porto wine, as well. 

Shouldn’t be missed:

·           Sé (Cathedral): The Cathedral is one of the city's oldest monuments (12th-13th centuries) and one of the most important Romanesque monuments in the country.
·           Igreja de Santa Clara: Completed in 1416, the interior of the Church of St. Clara was transformed by impassioned 17th-century artists, masters of woodwork and gilding.
·           Fundação de Serralves (Museu Nacional de Arte Contemporãnea): the National Museum of Modern Art is the most visited museum in Portugal.
·           Igreja de São Francisco: The Gothic Church of St. Francis was built between 1383 and 1410.
·           Igreja e Torre dos Clérigos (Clérigos Church and Tower): The church is one of the first baroque churches in Portugal (18th century).
·           Livraria Lello, the place, an old bookstore, is known as one of the most beautiful bookstore of Europe. They sell books since 1881. The interior design is amazing with the beautifully intricate wooden panels, columns, staircase, stained glass ceilings and books.
·           The river side together with the historic three-tiered Dom Luís I bridge,
·           Vísit Wine Cellars (Caves),
·           Listen Fado! (the famous Portugal songs.)

An important reminder: No matter what season it is, don't forget to carry,  a rain coat/an umbrella and sun protection lotion with you. The weather has many surprises.

One day trips:
Vigo, A Galician city in Spain, almost 150 km north of Porto, you can reach to the city by bus or by train. Beside its history, Vigo is an interesting city at the north west of Spain. The city is small and by the Atlantic with its own unique culture. It is also pretty close to green islands. Keep in mind the time difference, there is an hour difference between Porto and Vigo.

Famous Buildings/Places to see

When you walk or take one of the traditional trams in the city you realize that the city offers so many beauties. Here are the main buildings/places to see:

Chafariz da Rua Escura (Rua Escura Foutain)
Chafariz da Rua das Taipas (Rua das Taipas Fountain)
Chafariz do Anjo (Largo da Sé) (Anjo Fountain (Largo da Sé))
Chafariz das Virtudes (Virtudes Fountain)
Chafariz da Colher (Colher (Spoon) Fountain)
Casa dos Constantinos (House of the Constantino family)
Casa da Rua de D. Hugo, nº5 (House nr.5 of the Rua de D. Hugo)
Casa-Museu Guerra Junqueiro (Guerra Junqueiro House and Museum)
Casa dos Freire de Andrade (House of the Freires de Andrade)
Casa do Infante (Alfândega Velha) (Infante House – Former Custom House)
Casa do Beco dos Redemoinhos (Beco dos Redemoinhos House)
Ruína Medieval da Casa da Câmara (Medieval Ruins Town Hall Building)
Casa do Ascensor dos Guindais (House of the Guindais Lift)
Casa da Rua de S. Miguel, 4 (House nr. 4 of the Rua de S. Miguel)
Casa dos Cunha Pimentéis (House of the Cunha Pimentéis)
Casa de Despacho da Ordem Terceira de São Francisco (Church Office of the Ordem Terceira de São Francisco (religious order)
Casa da Rua da Reboleira, n.º 55 (House at 55, Rua da Reboleira)
Casa da Rua da Reboleira, n.º 59 (House at 59, Rua da Reboleira)
Capela de Nossa Senhora do Ó (Nossa Senhora do Ó Chapel)
Casa da Companhia Velha (House of the Old Company)
Casa dos Sousa e Silva (House of the Sousa e Silva family)
Capela Nossa Senhora da Silva (Nossa Senhora da Silva Chapel)
Casa dos Maias (House of the Maia family)
Casa Arte Nova (Rua Cândido Reis n. 75, 79) (Art Nouveau – House at the 75/79, Rua Cândido Reis)
Casa de Arte Nova (Rua Galeria de Parisn.º 28) (Art Nouveau – House at the 28, Rua Galeria de Paris)
Casa Vincent (Vincent Shop)
Casa Reis, Filhos (Reis, Filhos Shop)
Capela de S. José das Taipas (S. José das Taipas Chapel)
Capela dos Alfaiates ou de Nossa Senhora de Agosto (Tailors Chapel or Chapel of Our Lady of August)
Oratório da Capela de São Sebastião (Oratory of São Sebastian Chapel)
Antigo Hospital de D.Lopo (Former D. Lopo Hospital)
Antigo Restaurante Comercial ( Former Commercial Restaurant)
Antigo Clube Inglês (Former Porto British Club)
Antiga Cadeia da Relação (Former Court of Appeal Gaol)
Antiga Cadeia da Relação (Former Court of Appeal Gaol)
Edifício da Polícia Judiciária – Casa de José Monteiro de Almeida (Building of the Judiciary Police (José Monteiro de Almeida House)
Edifício da Antiga Companhia de Seguros Douro (B
Edifício do Governo Civil – Antiga Casa Pia (Building of the Civilian Government - former Pia House)
Edifício da Cooperativa da Árvore – Casa dos Albuquerques (Cooperativa da Árvore Building - House of the Albuquerques)
Fonte da Rua das Taipas (Fountain on the Rua das Taipas)
Fonte da Rua de S. João (Praça da Ribeira) (Fountain on the Rua de S. João (Praça da Ribeira))
Hospital de São Francisco (São Francisco Hospital)
Hospital de Santo António (Santo António Hospital)
Igreja Conventual de São Francisco (São Francisco Convent Church)
Igreja de São João Novo (São João Novo Church)
Igreja e Torre dos Clérigos (Clérigos Church and Tower)
Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Vitória (Nossa Senhora da Vitória Church)
Igreja dos Grilos - Igreja do Colégio de São Lourenço (Grilos Church – São Lourenço College Church)
Igreja de Nossa Senhora do Patrocínio -Recolhimento do Ferro (Nossa Senhora do Patrocínio Church – Ferro Shelter)
Igreja de Santa Clara (Santa Clara Church)
Igreja e Convento de S. Bento da Vitória (São Bento da Vitória Church and Convent)
Igreja dos Terceiros do Carmo (Church of the Terceiros of the Carmo)
Igreja da Misericórdia (Mercy Church)
Igreja de S. Lourenço ou dos Grilos (S. Lourenço or Grilos Church)
Igreja da Misericórdia (Misericórdia Church)
Igreja de S. Bento da Vitória (S. Bento da Vitória Church)
Igreja de São Nicolau (São Nicolau Church)
Igreja de Nossa Senhora do Patrocínio – Antigo recolhimento do Ferro (Nossa Senhora do Patrocínio Church - former Iron Shelter)
Igreja da Ordem do Terço (Terço Order Church)
Igreja de Santo Ildefonso (Santo Ildefonso Church)
Igreja dos Congregados (Congregados Church)
Igreja da Trindade (Trinity Church)
Igreja dos Carmelitas (Carmelites Church)
Instituto de Ciências Abel Salazar – Antiga Escola Médico-Cirúrgica (Abel Salazar Science Institute - former Medical-Chirurgical School)
Igreja de S. Pedro de Miragaia (S. Pedro de Miragaia Church)
Igreja dos Terceiros de São Francisco (Terceiros de São Francisco Church)
Igreja de São Francisco (São Francisco Church)

Muralha Primitiva (Primitive Wall)
Muralha Fernandina (Ferdinand Wall)
Monumento ao Infante D. Henrique (Monument to the Infante D. Henrique)
Monumento a D. Pedro V (Monument to D. Pedro V)
Mercado Ferreira Borges (Ferreira Borges Market)
Palácio dos Condes de Azevedo (Palace of the Azevedo Counts)
Palácio da Batalha (Batalha Palace)
Palácio de Belmonte – Casa dos Pacheco Pereira (Belmonte Palace - House of the Pacheco Pereira)
Palácio de S. João Novo (S. João Novo Palace) o Church)
Palácio das Sereias (Sereias (Mermaids) Palace)
Palácio da Bolsa (Stock Exchange Palace)
Praça de D. João I (Praça D. João I (square))
Praça do Infante D. Henrique (Praça do Infante D. Henrique (square))
Praça e Cais da Ribeira (Ribeira Square and Quay)
Praça da Liberdade e Avenida dos Aliados (Liberty Square and Avenue of the Allies)
Praça da Batalha (Batalha Church)
Ponte Luis I (Luis I Bridge)
Sé Catedral (Cathedral)
Teatro S. João (S. João Theatre)
Teatro Nacional de São João (São João National Theatre)
Torre da Rua de Baixo (Tower on the Rua de Baixo)
Torre da Rua de D. Pedro Pitões (Tower of the Rua de D. Pedro Pitões)
Alfândega do Porto (Former Porto Customs building)
Alminhas da Ponte (Souls of the Bridge)
Câmara Municipal do Porto (Porto City Council)
Desamparadas (Sun Door Shelter – or Shelter of Our Lady of Sorrow and S. Joseph of the Abandoned Young Girls)
Estação de São Bento (São Bento Railway Station)
Feitoria Inglesa (English Factory)
Faculdade de Ciências – Antiga Academia Politécnica (Faculty of Sciences- former Polytechnic Academy)
Feitoria Inglesa (British Trade Association)
Instituto dos Vinhos do Douro e do Porto (Douro and Porto Wines Institute)
Paço Episcopal (Bishop's Palace)
Passeio das Virtudes (Virtudes Promenade)
Recolhimento da Porta do Sol - ou Recolhimento de Nª. Sª. das Dores e S. José das Meninas Jardim da Cordoaria (Cordoaria Garden)
Pilares da Ponte Pênsil (Piers of the Suspension Bridge)
Postigo do Carvão (Carvão (Coal) Entrance)
Ponte de Luís I (Luís I Bridge)

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