Thursday, March 12, 2015

Bilbao & Getxo


The city is located at the north part of Spain at the Basque country. Bilbao is famous as being an industrial and rainy city of Spain, as well as its unique Guggenheim museum. Bilbao is surrounded by the green hills and it includes so many green parks. Although it is close to the ocean, it is not by the ocean. However,reaching the coasts of ocean takes almost half an hour by train. Moreover, the river gives a cosy effect in the city.

The zone of Guggenheim museum is impressive in many aspects (e.g. the arquitecture of the building, the big flower puppy, the exhibitions), as well as the parks and the old city. 

Beside Bilbao is famous with the cuisine in addition to the well-known pintxos which is the name of tapas given for this part of the region.

Bilbao is a small city, but it is a great place to see due to its cusine, the old city (Casco Viejo) and the museum.Casco Viejo, the old city, is a perfect place to visit, in order to walk through the old streets among historical buildings, in order  to eat and to shop. The tram allows you to go to that part of the city.

The airport is pretty small though the transportation is very well organized with the metros, trains, and buses.

There are so many close small towns that can be visited by metro, such as Getxo (sounds as Getcho) which is a town by the ocean. Getxo includes the first transportation iron bridge,Vizkaya Bridge protected by UNESCO, and also villas decorated by the famous architects for the reach people of Spain in the old days. In Getxo the elevator helps you to reach to the beach and the bikes for rent allows you to travel by the coast easily.

Some of the suggestible close touristic cities are Santander, San Sebastian, Vitoria Gasteiz, La Rioja and Logroño.

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