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Singapore is a unique island country (includes 63 islands), just 137 km away from the equator. 4.5 million people from different cultures live on 710 km2 area. Chinese, Indians, Malaysians, and the local people are inhabitants. Beside their cultural effects, it is possible to see so many things that belong to Japanese, Thai or Vietnamese cultures. This multicultural structure reflects itself in every aspect together with the colonial effects. There are 4 official languages; English, Tamil, Chinese, Malay.

 In this small city it is possible to see impressive Buddhist temples, colorful Hindu temples, churches and mosques.


Singapore is one of the best places to see the shopping craziness, especially during the sale season which is between May and July.The city is also known as the city of skyscrapers.

 Changi airport is worth mentioning, as well; it is a unique airport with a swimming pool, SPAs, free entertaining centers, play stations, internet accesses, comfortable TV station chairs, beside the unique decorations and the comfort.

Don't miss 

-Visit China town, walk through the most luxurious and famous street called Orchard Road. If you have time, visit Bugis square, little India, and Arab streets too.
- Don’t miss the river view at Clarke Quay (a historical part of the city) specially at night, the view of marine bay and the historic Cavenagh bridge. You may visit the main monuments; Sir Ruffles statute, and Merlion.

 - It is a tradition to see the Hotel Raffles entrance.


- Enjoy the view from the Singapore Flyer. Each cabin accommodates up to 28 people.
- If you have time visit Sentosa island. It is 800 meters away from the city and connected by a shaded electronic escalator for pedestrians and by special funiculars. Includes lovely beaches, a Universal Studio and a Merlion statute.

- Try different food at the food court called Lau pa sat. You can try varieties of Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Indian, Malaysian, and local food. Fried prawn noodle, Laksa, eel, jelly fish rolls, shrimps, fish head, frog leg, bean and yam cookies can be some alternatives. Thai style gaeng phed kai (kind of a curried chicken) is worth mentioning. Be careful they generally use high amount of chili and curry. Singapore Food tours are also another popular tourist attraction, there are many of them either in Hawker Center or in China town. They offer you different food tasting possibilities of different cultures. Varieties of tea types are also worth to try.

  - The city is the heaven of tropical fruits. Try varieties of teas, tropical fruits and their juices which are really cheap and can be found in food courts. Durian (a very smelly and heavy tasted fruit but once in a lifetime you might like to try) is a famous fruit of Singapore.
 - Reflexology and massage experts are all around the city, don't miss to get an unforgettable massage.

- The more time you have the more things to do beside shopping ; such as visiting botanic gardens,  jurong bird park, haw par vila entertainment park,  Chinese Japanese Gardens, Mount feber, Henderson waves, underwater world, Singapore zoo, visiting Pulau Ubinnight tour in the zoo, river cruise, and Keppel bay.

Tips & Tricks
- First of all get ready for the tropical equatorial climate in advance, hot and humid weather is maintained  throughout the year.

- If you are interested in, it is the heaven of the eastern medication. So many unique and effective medication and care products are available from produced from China to Japan, as well as SPA self care products.

- The city is also known as a fine city due to the strict rules and high fines. There is a huge list of them.  Before arriving there check them and be aware of them. For example, importing chewing gum or chewing them  is banned and has a big punishment. Drugs are completely forbidden. Littering has a big fine. Carrying the tropic fruit “Durian” in busses/metros, splitting and nudism which can be accepted in some cultures, also have big fines. Jaywalking is forbidden as well, however finding a pedestrian crossroad requires a lot of walking most of the time.

 - From the airport to the city transportation, beside the taxis, there are also very comfortable shuttles and the metro called MRT. The MRT tickets can be bought from ticket machines. Buying the tickets per journey is the suggestible way. Since you can recharge and refund the card.
- Beside taxis and MRT, the city metro, Hop on Hop off buses, trishows and boats are the transportation alternatives for tourists.- Also 3-day Singapore city pass allows you to access to the city's most popular attractions and activities.  

- There are so many malls; for example almost 1 every 2 building in orchard road is a big mall. Just keep in mind that Orchard is the most expensive street of Singapore. Also there are so many electronic malls;  such as, Far East plaza, Orchard Road Lucky plaza, Peninsula plaza (next to the city hall mrt) Funan IT (next to Peninsula Plaza at the center of the city) Slim lim Mustafa Center.
- Except the big malls in the city center, don’t forget bargaining. Especially in China town, you can see that the price can go down up to 1/3 of the first price. China town is a good place to find original ethnic and fashion gifts too.
- "Buggis shopping area" in the city center offers a different environment with reasonable prices.
f you are interested in electronics and technology then Funnan Mall offers good deals with high quality products. The possibility of being cheated is low, unlike Slim Lim.


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